Public Murals

A mural is a piece of artwork applied or painted directly on a permanent surface like a wall or ceiling. A public mural is a mural that is made in a public place. Murals are important art in the sense that they bring the beauty of art into the public sphere. The history of murals date as far back as the Upper Paleolithic times about 30,000BC. Some of the public murals of this era can still be found in southern France today. Public murals became a integral part of the human society in the middle ages. In modern times, public murals are a fundamental part of the contemporary art, a typical example of this is the Mexican muralism art movement. Public murals are painted in a variety of ways which includes “fresco” among others. Public murals have been used in several societies in the world in the sphere of politics and product advertisement.

Public murals are very important in that they bring art into the public sphere. Often times, due to the cost involved in creating public murals, they are usually sponsored by municipal governments, businesses or other forms of sponsorship. One of the significance of public murals is that it introduces the works of talented artist to the public who have never considered visiting an art gallery. Another significance of public mural is that it beautifies the environment. Furthermore, public murals are effective tools of communication. The visual effects often times attract the public’s attention to social issues. Take for instance, the Chad McCail public murals in East London is used to tell the story of the Becontree Estate which was built in the 1920s. At that time, the estate was among the largest housing developments in the world. There are several other public murals in London which are associated with community action.One of such public mural in London tells the story of when the BNP was ousted from power in Dagenham in the 2010 elections.

1. Female portrait in Mexico by Young Jarius:
One of the best public murals of our time is the female portrait in Mexico created by an artist named Young Jarius. So perfectly realistic is this public mural that it looks like a large photograph when viewed from a distance.

2. Spy Booth in Cheltenham, UK by artist Banksy:
The Spy Booth is a public mural in Cheltenham, United Kingdom and one of the most popular public murals of 2014. The art was created in April, 2014 in Cheltenham the location of the British Government Communication Headquarters.

3. Cesaria in Casarano, Southern Italy by Bosoletti:
The public mural named “Cesaria” was created by an Italian artist “Bosoletti” in the town of Casarano. The art tells the story of Santa Cesaria, a troubled girl who ran away from her troubled father and lived in a cave with two doves.

4. The last kiss by Pixel Pancho:
“The Last Kiss” is a public mural created by artist Pixel Pancho to celebrate the Subsidenze Street Art Festival in 2014. The mural shows two nude robotic characters kissing themselves and surrounded by elements of nature.




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